Uniform-Dress Code Policy

All children are expected to be in complete dress code colors each day. Clothing for dress code can be purchased at any major department store such as Kohls, Wal-Mart, Target, Etc.

The dress code colors of clothing are khaki bottoms and white tops. Students may wear Cassell t-shirts, khaki pants, shorts, skirts or jumpers, with a white collared shirt or blouse. 

Girls and boys should wear play shoes, tennis or running shoes to school. Students may not wear sandals, boots, platform shoes, or shoes with soles or heels over one inch. If you have any questions about any part of the dress code colors, please consult the Principal before purchase.

Students are expected to be appropriately dressed for school or school related activities, which include being clean, neat, and modest in their personal appearance.

General Guidelines

  1. Extreme or distracting attire is not allowed. In addition, backpacks, books or covers, notebooks, etc. are to be free of inappropriate drawings, writing or patches.
  2. Oversized, excessively baggy or sagging pants may not be worn.
  3. Short shorts, tight fitting pants or spandex pants, shorts or tops may not be worn.
  4. Pants and/or shirts are not rolled up.
  5. Tank tops, tops that show a bare midriff or back, strapless, halter or off the shoulder tops and dresses are not to be worn.
  6. Bandanas or kerchiefs are not to be worn.
  7. Students may not wear jewelry that pierces the skin, with the exception of earrings; tattoos may not be displayed.

A child who is dressed inappropriately may be sent home at the discretion of the administrator.