About Us

The Vision of Sylvia Cassell is to Foster a community of lifelong learners through shared involvement.

The Mission of Sylvia Cassell is to nurture minds, foster innovation, and to shape global citizens for tomorrow.

Sylvia Cassell's School staff is dedicated and determined to meet the state and federal government’s goal of 100% proficient in reading language arts and math. We consider our school to be special; the majority of our teaching staff has 2 or more years of teaching experience, and they are talented teachers. All teachers work to provide additional instruction to students who need support. After school and enrichment programs such as YMCA, City Year (AmeriCorps) and Little Heroes help to make our students well rounded citizens during their tenure here at Sylvia Cassell. 

Our goals for the 2023-2024 school year are:
Increasing the percentage of proficient and advanced students in all grade levels in order to make them college and career ready. 
Building strong relationships between the school, staff, students, parents and our community by encouraging parent participation in all aspects of the school.  Increase time spent delivering social emotional learning lessons and increasing tier 1 and tier 2 supports in Social Emotional Learning for our students. Increase the number of English Language Learners in becoming proficient in English Language reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Sylvia Cassell focuses on creating and building a well-rounded multicultural atmosphere that nurtures and develops well prepared citizens for the future. We believe that parent participation and communication is the best way for our children to succeed. The goal of Sylvia Cassell is to provide a well rounded academic and social environment that is geared towards all of our students' future. We encourage all members of our school community to take an active role in the future of all of our students' education.